New Song: 98 Degrees, 'Girls Night Out'

 Listen to 98 Degrees' "Girls Night Out."

98 Degrees are back with a brand-new club banger, "Girls Night Out."

We've already established that after looking at their 2.0 album art, the bros from 98 Degrees have aged like a FINE MERLOT (or a chardonnay if you prefer white). But the question still remains: Have their voices aged as well? Yeah, well, according to their brand-new jam, "Girls Night Out," survey says: YES! Props for keeping up with those vocal exercises, guys! Working your pipes is just as important for your career as working your biceps. Well, probably.

Listen to 98 Degrees' "Girls Night Out" after the jump.

In "Girls Night Out," one quarter of "The Package Tour" (that name still gets us EVERY time!!) sing about every man's dream scenario: a club full of hot women. As a simple pop track fills the background, Nick Lachey and his bros sing in harmony: "Girls night out/ So many women looking good in the place right now/ Makes my head spin, round/ 'Cause each one is sexy." This jam might not be a tear-jerker like "The Hardest Thing," but keep in mind that "Girls Night Out" IS the first new 98 Degrees track we've heard in a decade. So who are we to be picky?!

Be on the lookout for 98 Degrees' forthcoming 2.0 when it drops May 7.

+ Listen to 98 Degrees' "Girls Night Out."

Photo credit: Chapman Baehler