Video Premiere: Kate Nash, 'OMYGOD!'

Watch Kate Nash's "OMYGOD!" video.

Kate Nash tries to forget an ex with a retro pool party in her "OMYGOD!" video.

Have you ever had what should be the best day ever -- hanging out with friends, swimming in the ocean, sipping on daiquiris, scoping out cute boys... you know, just a typical summer Saturday. Only you can't enjoy any of it because you just broke up with somebody, or worse, somebody just broke up with YOU. And you know that you shouldn't miss them, but ugh, the more you want to erase them, the more they're all you can think about. And judging by her sad pool party in the new video for "OMYGOD!" (the latest single from Girl Talk), British pop player Kate Nash knows exactly what we're talking about.

Watch Kate Nash's "OMYGOD!" video after the jump.

Directed by Aram Rappaport, "OMYGOD!" has Kate waist-deep in the early stages of breakup grief. Sitting alone in a dark room, the "Artist To Watch Live" performer finishes writing the last card in a stack of letters probably intended for her ex. But she won't be down for long -- in a fit of resolve, Kate tears up the letters and goes outside where it's warm and sunny. Hey, it's the perfect "show the ex how cute I look in my retro bathing suit" day! Set to "OMYGOD!"'s jaunty, punk-tinged bass line, Kate is determined to have fun as she races around the beach with some buddies, takes a dip in a pool of Busby Berkeley bathing beauties, flies kites, throws back drinks, and just generally has the BEST SUMMER EVAR. Except for one pesky thing: She CAN'T enjoy any of it. Notice how she's barely suppressing a frown? Stupid ex-boyfriends!! Why do they ruin everything?! Well, points for trying, Kate.

Catch Kate Nash's U.S. tour dates starting on May 9 in Santa Ana, Calif., wrapping up on May 21 at L.A.'s The Echo.

+ Watch Kate Nash's "OMYGOD!" video.

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