Watch Tegan And Sara's 'I Was A Fool' Lyric Video

Watch Tegan and Sara's "I Was A Fool" lyric video.

Tegan and Sara take us on a melancholy walk around the city in their "I Was A Fool" lyric video.

Question time: Who hasn't aimlessly wandered around a city at night (or driven around a suburb, whatever) in a heartbroken haze? That's the ideal time for sad ex-boyfriend/girlfriend reflection, also known as the "(What Could Have Been) Walk Of Shame." Like many angst-ridden tracks before it ("Back In Your Head," "Walking With A Ghost"), Tegan and Sara's latest single is the lushly brokenhearted (yet perfectly poppy) "I Was A Fool," the latest from Heartthrob, and now a lyric video featuring an #emo girl on a very, very #sad subway ride.

Watch Tegan and Sara's "I Was A Fool" lyric video after the jump.

Chronicling a disheartened walk through the city, "I Was A Fool" takes a more narrative approach than most lyric videos as the girls' young protagonist sadly sits on the subway, checks her phone (Put that thing away! Phones are your worst enemy in a breakup!), trudges through darkened city streets, and moodily gazes through windows holding a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, Tegan and Sara perform in the background from different projection points around the city (TV sets, subways ads, billboards, etc). Sadness never sounded so sweet. And this is only the lyric video! Talk about amping us up for the actual music video... (That's the sound of our Tegan and Sara crush growing X10, by the way.)

+ Watch Tegan and Sara's "I Was A Fool" lyric video.

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