Tinashe, Quadron, Livvi Franc + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week"!

This week's roundup features a pop chanteuse's moody dance track, solo work from one of pop's most in demand singer-songwriters, and a quirky Danish indie pop duo's rollicking first release from their new record.

5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week.

1.) Tinashe And Jacques Green, "Painted Faces"

Our beloved Tinashe is no stranger 'round these parts -- the Buzz On alum first got our attention in 2011 with her sizzling club-pop anthems and moody mixtapes. Most recently, she's teamed up in the studio with Canadian producer Jacques Greene for Yours Truly and Adidas Originals' "Songs From Scratch" campaign, which follows the collaborative process between two artists on one song. "Painted Faces" is the result of their collaboration -- a subtle, slightly chilly '90s-tinged house track. Tinashe's honey-sweet vocals layer onto the delicate pulsations gorgeously, resulting in a dance track that almost feels too precious to bust a move. Almost.


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2.) Quadron, "Hey Love"

There's plenty to get excited about in Danish duo Quadron's upcoming work. Along with snagging a spot on the upcoming soundtrack to "The Great Gatsby" and heralding praise from the likes of Mark Ronson and Jessie Ware, the troupe is now preparing to release the lead single from their upcoming record: "Hey Love." The lively Fraser T Smith-produced ditty sees Danish songstress Coco O. invoking a soulful throwback sound with a quirky indie/electronic edge in the production -- sort of like Adele meets Oh Land. It's full of humming, hand claps, and happy feet: "I'll prove that I'm the one," Coco urges. The best is yet to come, indeed.


3.) Livvi Franc, "Secrets"

U.K.-born singer-songstress/"Now I'm That B****" chanteuse Livvi Franc hasn't been too active in her solo career lately, but that's fine. She's too busy crafting cuts for some of pop's heaviest hitmakers, including Britney Spears' Femme Fatale cut "Trouble For Me," Kelly Clarkson's "The War Is Over," and Rihanna's "What Now." However, recently she's introduced "Franc Fridays," unleashing new cuts on her SoundCloud to fulfill that overflowing creative energy. "Secrets" is the first of the bunch, gently flowing along a minimal, island sound. "I can't go to sleep/ 'cause these secrets won't stop talking to me," Franc moans against the gentle reggae beat. Sounds like Livvi's got some serious ghosts haunting her brain, but judging by this sexy groove, she's found a distraction for the night.


4.) Eilidh Hadden, "Close To Home"

Pop newcomer Eilidh Hadden is only just beginning to get her footing in the music scene, but a recent feature on "Made In Chelsea" -- the U.K. reality show that follows Chelsea's fashionable glitterati -- might just do the trick. "Close To Home" is a whimsical folk-pop tune recalling the stuttering, fluttery delight of early Ellie Goulding and the distant cries and pounding drums of Florence + The Machine. Produced by Glasgow band Midnight Lion's Lewis Gardiner, the track has a darker electronic element as well, including a killer stuttered breakdown two-thirds in... and it feels like home.


5.) Dawn Richard, "Love Me"

Dawn Richard might have just come out with her stunning solo effort, GoldenHeart, a few months ago, but that hasn't stopped her from pumping out tons of unreleased session tracks, remixes, and bonuses. Can you blame her for being so fiercely loyal, Hearts? This week, the talented singer-songwriter continues to bring that forward-thinking R&B sound with "Love Me," a dizzying electronic temptation. "I want your lovin'/ store it up in my head," Richard moans above a whining electronic beat. With its pounding, nearly tribal, beats and hypnotizing croons, it's the sweetest of seductions.


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