According To Their '2.0' Album Art, 98 Degrees Hasn't Aged Since 1998 (PHOTO)

Check out 98 Degrees' "2.0" album art!

98 Degrees is back and SMIZING!

Let me ask you something: Are YOU excited for "The Package Tour"? And nope, that's not some weird traveling porn review -- it's the upcoming tour featuring 98 DegreesNew Kids on the Block, and Boyz II Men! Oh, you ARE excited? Then that means you're probably feeling even MORE body tingles over 98 Degrees' (one-third of the package! HAHA) brand-new cover art for their forthcoming album, 2.0. Also, AGE WHO?? Like a fine wine, we tell you. A damn fine wine.

We probably don't have to inform you of this since you, like us, never understood why there wasn't a follow-up to the bros' epic "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)," but shockingly enough, 2.0 is 98 Degrees' first studio recording in more than a decade! Which, in addition to the troupe's expertly coiffed hair and likely Italian custom-tailored suits, is ample reason to get STRAIGHT REVVED that 2.0 is dropping on May 7. That said, if this were still 1998 (aka the year 98 Degrees and Rising came out), we'd be all like, "Let's line up in front of the nearest Tower Records to buy the new CD first thing in the AM!" Since that's no longer an option, how about we just download the record on iTunes and meet in a Google Hangout to discuss. Cool?

Photo credit: Entertainment One