New Video: Eve Featuring Gabe Saporta, 'Make It Out This Town'

Listen to Eve's "Make It Out Of This Town."

Eve addresses teenage bullying in her new video for "Make It Out This Town."

You have NO idea how REVVED we were to hear Eve's Top 40-tinged, Claude Kelly cowritten single, "Make It Out This Town." It has the expertly tailored, chart-topping readiness that we felt "She Bad Bad" was missing, and it serves as the perfect precursor to Eve's "comeback" disc, Lip Lock, slated to drop May 14. Now Eve's Gabe Saporta-assisted track has an official (and equally empowering) video, featuring two high school-aged students standing tall in the face of douchebags opposition.

Watch Eve's "Make It Out This Town" video featuring Gabe Saporta after the jump.

Originally premiering last month as part of Big Brothers Big Sisters' National Mentoring Month conference in Washington, D.C., "Make It Out This Town"'s video focuses directly on the trials and tribulations kids face in school. As Eve and Gabe rock out solo in a school gym (side note: Eve, baby, when did you get those GUNS??), we see interlaced vignettes of two school students -- one is mocked for being a dancer, and the other falls for a cruel crush-related prank, orchestrated by her "friends." As Eve's jam plays in the background, both students work hard to cope with the bullying they've faced, and by the end of the song, they find it within themselves to ignore the hate. In essence, it's an inspiring story line paired with a radio-ready hit. Need we say another word? Oh, and before we wrap up, GABE SAPORTA, YOU ARE LOOKING DAMN FOINE!

Watch Eve's "Make It Out This Town" video featuring Gabe Saporta.

Photo credit: Blondie Rockwell Inc