New Video: Earl Sweatshirt Featuring Tyler, The Creator, 'Whoa' (NSFW)


You'll never look at an ice cream cone the same way after watching Earl Sweatshirt's "Whoa" video.

Odd Future wunderkind Earl Sweatshirt has kept relatively quiet since his 2010 debut, Earl (save for some collabs with Frank Ocean and Flying Lotus), but lately Tyler, The Creator's teenage protégé has started working solo again, most notably on the single "Chum," and he's announced plans to release a second full-length, Doris (no release date yet -- oh well). Now, Earl's on the move again with a visually bizarre video for "Whoa," Doris' second single.

Watch Earl Sweatshirt's "Whoa" video after the jump.

Directed by Tyler himself, "Whoa" has Earl waking up in a trash-tastic trailer next to a significantly older-looking ballerina. As the ballerina haphazardly twirls to the low-slung, piano-tinged track, Earl throws an overcoat over his boxers (it must be laundry day) to meet up with the rest of the Odd Future gang. Though the video officially belongs to Earl, Tyler frequently jumps in to show off his gold, and Odd Future's Lucas Vercetti chomps uncomfortably on an ice cream cone (which subsequently makes us never want to eat ice cream again). Where "Chum"'s clip was on the somber side, "Whoa" is more of the class clown variety -- most of the time Earl's floating in a half-drained pool and pushing Tyler around in a grocery cart (symbolism?). Looks like everyone's in top form -- all we need now to be happy is an actual Doris release date. Just nobody bring ice cream to the launch party, OK?

+ Watch Earl Sweatshirt's "Whoa" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Tan Cressida/Columbia Records