New Video: fun., 'Why Am I The One'


Fun. mourn a lost suitcase in their "Why Am I The One" video.

There are a lot of things that suck about flying -- the overpriced food, Netflix Streaming reject movies, screaming babies, armrest hoggers -- but perhaps the worst thing is when you have to check your bag (that could totally have fit in the carry on compartment!!), only to have it NOT reappear in baggage claim. Or worse, when you think it's gone forever, you walk away ready to sue the airline, and BOOM there it is. Which is exactly what fun. deal with in their video for "Why Am I The One," the latest single off of Some Nights.

Watch fun.'s "Why Am I The One" video after the jump.

We really have to hand it to the boys for not throwing a fit -- we certainly would have if we lost our suitcase at the airport. Fun. aren't impervious to disappointment, though, as they spend the majority of "Why Am I The One" sitting in a cafe looking downcast (cue: "sad Charlie Brown" piano). As fun. wail-ask, "Why Am I The One?" (which sounds ridiculously like a Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young harmony, btw), their little yellow suitcase SOMEHOW finds its way back to them via dumpster crawls and motorcycle rides. #Serendipity. And this might sound strange, but we've legitimately never been so moved to see someone reunite with an inanimate object before.

+ Watch fun.'s "Why Am I The One" video.

Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen