New Video: Hoodie Allen Featuring Chiddy, 'Fame Is For A******s' (VIDEO) (NSFW)

Hoodie Allen and Chiddy hit the high school basketball court in his latest video for "Fame Is For A******s."

Hoodie Allen and Chiddy take it to the hardwood in the video for "Fame Is For A******s."

We may be a few weeks shy of March Madness, but pop rapper Hoodie Allen and Chiddy from Chiddy Bang are ALREADY on the b-ball court in Hoodie's latest clip for "Fame Is For A******s."  Serving as the second single off of Hoodie's forthcoming mixtape, Crew Cuts (dropping Feb. 20), the clip has Hoodie and Chiddy leading rival teams set to face off against each other on the hardwood, but being the coordinated multi-taskers they are, most of their time is spent spitting graphic rhymes about, well... staying down-to-earth (for lack of a better term). Can't argue with that. Stick with what you're best at, guys!

Watch Hoodie Allen featuring Chiddy's "Fame Is For A******s" video after the jump.

Featuring another directorial assist from D-WHY and Jakob Owens (they also took the helm on Crew Cuts' first single, "Cake Boy"), "F.I.F.A." stars Hoodie as the king of his school and captain of the basketball team, while Chiddy takes charge of the visiting team. The two trade shots on the court admirably, but ultimately Hoodie prevails -- it IS his video, after all. OK, so maybe these guys aren't going to win any REAL basketball championships (except maybe for the ones in their heads), but Hoodie DID top the iTunes Albums Chart with his self-released All American EP, so in many ways he does know the TRUE taste of victory. Alright guys, time to hit the showers.

+ Watch Hoodie Allen featuring Chiddy's "Fame Is For A******s" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Diana Levine/Hoodie Allen