New Video: Hoodie Allen, 'Cake Boy' (NSFW)

Hoodie Allen has a serious sweet tooth in his new "Cake Boy" video.

Ever since Hoodie Allen's self-released EP, All American, hit No. 1 on the iTunes charts, we've been kinda like, "OMFG Hoodie Allen is a total BOSS." Now, after watching him grind up on hot chicks in a cupcake truck (like an ice cream truck, but with cupcakes) in his "Cake Boy" video, we can officially confirm that Hoodie has gone from "BOSS" to... "CAKE BOSS." (Like the show. Get it?!)

Watch Hoodie Allen's "Cake Boy" video after the jump.

Co-directed by "Buzz On" alum D-WHY and "2,000 Miles"'s Jakob Owens, Hoodie's "Cake Boy" video primarily takes place on a cupcake truck that is conveniently staffed by jean-booty-short-wearing models. Hoodie and his "employees" ride around town providing sweet treats to eager customers, and although it's not confirmed, we have a feeling this crew mayyyyyyy have slipped just a little sumpin' extra into the batter if you catch our drift.

When he's not serving cupcakes, "The Chase Is On" rapper is spitting super-quick, tongue twister verses (which kinda sample the "cake cake cake cake" refrain on Rihanna's "Birthday Cake." Coincidence?). And here's a crucial question: Hoodie, does your truck stop in NYC? And do you make a gluten-free version of your cupcakes? And if so, are they available with rainbow sprinkles? If yes, we may or may not be expecting a free batch! After all, we did just name you the "Cake Boss" (and you didn't even have to go up against Buddy Valastro).

"Cake Boy" is the first single off Hoodie's upcoming album, Crew Cuts, which will be released for FREE on Feb. 20.

+ Watch Hoodie Allen's "Cake Boy" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Jared Evan