Video Premiere: Talib Kweli, 'Upper Echelon'

Watch Talib Kweli's "Upper Echelon" video.

Talib Kweli wants you to know where he stands. Hint: look up.

There's no doubting Talib Kweli's lyrical style makes him one of the greats. But just in case you need a visual reminder, the man's bringing it with his video for "Upper Echelon." The mind-melting video's puzzle-piece edits bring together live footage and shots of the MC spitting to the cameras, with Kweli even dropping some 3-D footage as he swags out in movie-theater glasses. (Shout out to "The Hobbit"!)

Watch Talib Kweli's "Upper Echelon" video after the jump.

"Upper Echelon" includes a few shots of Yasiin Bey, who joins his Black Star bandmate on stage and behind the scenes. The footage was most likely shot on the pair's 2012 tour, though a full-on reunion's not ready to cook up just yet. "It's a toss-up," Kweli told radio station Hot 97 earlier this month. "We were on tour last year… We got some music done, we did a few songs, and we talked about this 'Aretha Franklin' mixtape" before getting busy with solo projects. Can't doubt his hustle: "All night work, I'm like 24-Hour Fitness," he raps on "Upper Echelon." Which reminds us: We totally forgot about our New Year's resolutions. BRB, running three miles.

Kweli's new album, Prisoner of Conscious, drops April 23.

+ Watch Talib Kweli's "Upper Echelon" video.

Photo credit: Javotti Media