Ariana Grande Told All The Haters In SCOTUS To 'Get Their Heads Out Of Their F--king Asses'

Plus all the ways she made us proud at Pride.

"Make some noise if you're proud to be who you are," Ariana Grande shouted into the sea of onlookers, mostly composed of shirtless men who had been furiously and joyfully dancing for hours before she took the stage at the 2015 Dance on the Pier.

"Make some noise if you're proud to love who you love," she continued, hammering home the tenets of New York Pride. "Make some noise if you're proud to be an American. Make some noise if you think the Supreme Court justices who voted against gay marriage should get their heads out of their f--king asses and join the goddamn celebration. Make some noise if you're got one less problem without them motherf--kers."

The applause, the screaming, the celebrating was deafening as Ari struck a pose in her black vinyl outfit, New York's Freedom Tower piercing the sky behind her, its spire painted rainbow in celebration of Pride -- and the Supreme Court's momentous decision last Friday to bring marriage equality to the United States.

Grande's epic performance was the button on an amazing weekend; she busted out her biggest hits in front of an audience that included her grandmother, her brother Frankie, her mother, her best friend, MTV contributor Tyler Ford (decked out in Miley Cyrus' Happy Hippie gear) and thousands of people more than ready and willing to celebrate #LoveWins.

Yup, pride was all around -- and for those of us who would call ourselves Ariantors, some of that pride was definitely reserved for Ari. I mean, lady basically cussed out the haters in the Supreme Court. So, you know, respect.

Here's all the other times we wanted to bust during Grande's explosive performance:

Frankie Grande's Introduction

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New York City Pride 2015 - Dance On The Pier

Ari's brother took the stage to introduce his little sis, and, we have to say, his speech was kind of waterworks-inducing: "This girl has taught me a lot about what it is to be proud. She has stood up for me publicly online because of gay hate and gay slurs. She has stood up for me and she stood up for all of you. She's a huge advocate for gay rights, she's a huge advocate for transgender rights in this country -- and she taught all of us that this is the part where we say we don't want ya, we are stronger than we've been before. This is the part where we break free!"

Can we get more than one "hell yeah"?

Her Chaka Khan Cover

Ari opened her set not with one of her own hits, but Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman" -- a jam famously performed by Whitney Houston, a past Dance on the Pier performer. She basically slayed that song dead, brought it back to life, slayed it and brought back again.

Her Madonna Cover

Ari also went all "Bitch I'm Madonna" with her cover of "Vogue" -- which totally made sense as myriad people were doing just that as they undulated in glitter, faceprint and rainbows earlier.

Her Birthday Is Now A Very Important Day In History

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As you may or may not know, June 26 -- the day that marriage equality finally happened -- is also Ariana's birthday. "This has been one of the most exciting weekends of all of our lives -- definitely my best birthday ever," Ari said in the middle of performing a slew of hits from "Problem" to "Bang Bang." "It was so nice of the Supreme Court and Obama to do that for me for my birthday present."

So, um, maybe put out some good vibes for your 23rd, lady? World Peace has certainly been a long time coming.

Plus, I Mean, Just...



No words for the talent on this lady. No words.

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