Never Shout Never Performed Live on

Thank you for your great tunes, Christofer. And much thanks to everyone who watched, live chatted and sang along (yes, we heard you). The Never Shout Never frontman stopped by for a little chat and four-song performance this afternoon. We hope you caught it. Christofer breezed through -- with the help of a sing-along crowd and his trusty harmonica -- the NSN hits "Lovesick," "If You Go Leave Your Key In The Mailbox," "The Day That Music Died," plus the new song, "What Is Love" (and we've actually have an OnDemand version of "What Is Love" from yesterday's live chat right here).

The live chat comments rained down on There were thousands, we had a hard time keeping up, and you can read through the whole live chat experience below, but here's some of our faves. User TyeTye wrote: "Dear chris.. you own my life with your music." That's hardcore, yo! On the more serious tip some users admitted just how much Never Shout Never's music has meant to their lives. "When i started listening to yr music i was having a hard time in life," explained SelenaSelena. "And you brought me through the rough patches and made me think about life in a different way. Thank you so much!" That's heartfelt. And lastly TiffyTiffy made us LOL when she posted, "CHRIS IS YOUR REFRIGERATOR RUNNINZF? YOU BETTER GO GET IT! X3" All in all a very good time.

If you missed the entire event don't kick yourself too hard, we have some great photos of the performance and the chat. Tomorrow, we'll have one song from the show posted on Buzzworthy! (OK, we can't keep it a secret, it'll be "What is Love.") If you were there you'll be able to sigh and smile and think:"Ah, memories."

What was this event all about? Here's what we wrote earlier today....

Do you want to know what it's like to have Never Shout Never's Christofer Drew play just for you? Well, get ready. We've been prepping all week for a visit from acoustic pop-rock sensation Christofer Drew of Never Shout Never, to bring him directly to your laptop or desktop. The time is nigh. This afternoon, Thursday, February 4 at 3pm ET, Christoper will be stopping by for a live chat and performance on He'll take dedications and requests (Think 'em up now!) and then right afterwards set up shop for acoustic performance of all the NSN hits.

Tune in a little early (around 2:30 pm ET) to join in the pre-buzz action and start chatting with other fans about what you think he should play. In the meantime we'll whet your appetite with this new video clip of "What Is Love?"