Watch: Exclusive 30-Second Sneak Peek Of Rihanna's Sexy New 'Hard' Video

Rihanna did promise that her new music video for "Hard," her third single from Rated R, was going to be edgy, extreme and boast a "couture military" vibe and she wasn't lying. Just take a look at these stark pics from her new video that definitely sport an army chic aesthetic and define her as a sexy rebel. Directed by Melina (clips for Robin Thicke, Lily Allen, Katy Perry and T-Pain) "Hard" is visually uncompromising and unflinching and the song evinces an equally tough stance. Produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewart, and featuring  Young Jeezy, Rihanna told MTVNews that the duo thought the track might be too "ghetto" for her, but she dug its boldness. "It had such an attitude and a swagger ... super cocky, and just a fun song," she said.

We've got a 30-second sneak peek from the video for you right now, plus we'll be premiering the entire video exclusively on MTV on Thursday, December 17 at 4p.m.  Check out a preview of this sexy new video below and check out more photos from the set too.