Video Interview: Jeremih Loves Birthdays!

We finally got Jeremih to sit down and tell us how we're supposed to pronounce his name. Turns out the "Birthday Sex" singer's name kinda rhymes with "verify" or "carrot-pie." Jer-Am-I. Remember it.

But, the real purpose of Jeremih's visit was to let us in on a few of his obsessions -- things that don't turn up in your everyday interview -- on "The 5." We already knew this dude was a major overachiever. Remember, he graduated high school at 16? What we didn't know is that he's got a deep sneaker fetish that is rivaled only by his love of car audio.

What else is there to know? Get the scoop on Jeremih, directly from the bold up-and-comer's mouth, only on "The 5!"