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Taylor Swift And Nelly's Grandma Have A Lot In Common

Nelly also says Taylor will be one of the 'top five females of all time.'

Taylor Swift and Nelly surprised fans (yet again) when they recently teamed up during one of T-Swizzle's shows. The duo has performed together at least three times now and it's because they have a strong friendship, according the St. Louis rap star.

"I met Taylor and her father and her mother, and they're just some cool people," he told Rolling Stone of their bond. "She's like a little sister, man, she straight. I've been knowing her ever since she's been on. She calls me whenever, it don't matter, I'll knock it out for her."

Part of the reason Pimp Juice and Taylor have grown so close is due to Swift's personality.

"She's just a dope person," the St. Lunatic explained. "She ain't got no ill wills or nothing like that, and that's kind of hard when you come from where we come from. You rarely come across those type of people. It's kind of like, Taylor Swift and my granny. Who doesn't love both of those people?"

Besides being like his granny, Taylor is also a gifted musician. "Before it's all said and done, man, she could possibly be top five females of all time," Nelly said. "As a matter of fact, I know she will."

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