Ellen Page Has A Big Speech To Give And She's Accepting Advice

The actress is feeling nervous about an upcoming speaking engagement.

On Saturday October 3, Ellen Page will receive the Human Rights Campaign National Vanguard Award, for her role as an icon and inspiration to LGBT youth.

It's a huge honor, and one Page totally deserves. The only thing is, getting the award means giving a speech in return -- and that part, she's not so sure about.

"I think people think actors maybe are more comfortable in those situations, and I think I can pretend that I'm more comfortable, but yeah, I definitely get nervous," Page said, in an interview with Seth Meyers Thursday (Oct. 1). "I feel incredibly humbled. They're an incredible organization."

For his part, Seth Meyers offered a suggestion that Ellen seemed to like: namely, flouting everyone's expectations by making a "real dickhead speech." ("Be like, 'A lot of you said I could never do this!'," Seth advised. "And then find someone in the front row you've never met and just look at them. For a long time.")

Of course, considering how incredible Ellen Page's last HRC-related speech was (a.k.a. the one where she came out as gay and received a standing ovation), we're going to go ahead and predict that she'll do great on Saturday, no help needed.

But if she's looking for tips, all she needs to do is look back at her own career, in gifs, where she can easily find all the ingredients for a killer public appearance. As follows:

  1. Let the audience know right off the bat that you have the upper hand.
    Fox Searchlight
  2. Ask the audience to consider something deep and thought-provoking. (It doesn't necessarily have to make sense.)
    Warner Bros.
  3. Put hecklers in their place immediately.
    Fox Searchlight
  4. And finally, just remember the part where you're the cutest thing on the planet and everyone will love you.
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