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Ryan Adams Took His Un-Ironic Taylor Swift Covers To 'The Daily Show'

Adams and his band performed their renditions of 'Bad Blood' and 'Style.'

Ryan Adams' 1989 cover album is taking the veteran rocker to brand new heights. Tonight (Oct. 1), it took him to "The Daily Show With Trevor Noah" -- as Noah's first ever musical guest! -- where he performed not one, but two of his style-ish T. Swift cover tracks.

First, Adams and his backing band performed their solid rendition of "Bad Blood," which maintains the melodic earworm quality of the original, yet adds a decidedly sparkly guitar, transforming the hip hop-influenced cut into a dreamy rock ballad.

“A lot of people thought you recorded this album ironically, and yet, you did not," Noah said with a laugh after the band's set. "Yes," Ryan responded dryly. Seems he's just a regular ol' Taylor Swift fan, just like the rest of us plebians. Word.

It took Ryan Adams' band just 3 weeks to put the entire cover album together, which he admitted is actually a long time for them. To close out the show, they performed their extra jazzy cover of "Style."