Emily Blunt Is The Biggest Badass In Town, According To Her Co-Stars

To be Blunt about it.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

One word that could certainly be used to describe the upcoming drug war thriller "Sicario" is "badass."

That word also applies to star Emily Blunt, according to her co-stars.

Chatting with MTV News at the Toronto International Film Festival, "Sicario" actors Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin singled Blunt out as the biggest badass in the cast.

"Probably Emily," Del Toro said when asked who was most badass.

Brolin agreed: "It's her, because of her humor. She has the ability to sucker-punch, you don't see it coming, and it comes and it hurts."

Blunt didn't seem too surprised at her co-star's opinions. Asked who she thought they named the biggest badass, she immediately answered, "Me."

"They have to say that. Because I pressure them. Because I beat them up. They're terrified of me," she joked.

She did admit that she knows many ways to damage a person, learned both on this set and "Edge of Tomorrow," but she hasn't yet had to use her powers for evil.

"I haven't had to beat up a paparazzi yet, but that might happen soon, or another parent who's being annoying at the playground, if their kid's bullying my kid," she said.

"Sicario" is in theaters now.