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17 Times Fetty Wap Inspired Glorious '1738' Vines

History. Math. Technology. They've got it all.

Fetty Wap has already given us a lot.

There have been hits. Remixes. Music videos. Live shows. Inspiration. And plenty of material for Vine.

The phrase (or, number, I guess) "1738" has become a calling card for fans -- a piece of Fetty's contribution to current pop culture just as crucial as "Trap Queen" or "My Way." The name originates from Remy Martin 1738 liquor, from which the New Jersey rapper and his Remy Boyz got their name. It became popular thanks to Fetty shouting it at the beginning of "Trap Queen," and it's only grown since then.

  1. A lesson about the Declaration of Independence.
  2. And, of course, the stories Battle of Fetty Wap.
  3. And the birthday of King George III.
  4. Math class.
  5. Now let's take it to the store.
  6. And again.
  7. Phone blowing up.
  8. Once more.
  9. This is what your phone should look like.
  10. The OG and the young'n.
  11. I think that might overcook the pie?
  12. This, too.
  13. Emoji raps.
  14. Kitchen problems.
  15. I just don't know.
  16. Insecure password.
  17. This was probably a great flight.