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Ariana Grande Or Rihanna -- Which Of These 11 Ladies Have The Most Impractical Travel Style?

For most of us, when traveling, comfort is of the utmost importance. Celebrities, for the most part, do not opt for the comfort of leggings like we do, though—with potential photo opportunities abound, they look as sleek and put-together as ever. Sometimes, though, they tow the line between put-together and, um, straight-up impractical considering what going through an airport and sitting on a plane actually entails.

Behold 11 outfits ya faves have worn to travel, ranked in order of practicality.

  1. Rihanna
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    It's already been established that Rihanna, unlike many of her famous peers, gets what travel is all about—ultimate comfort. This outfit, however, with its barely-buttoned shirt and heels may make running for a flight difficult. Planes definitely wait for Rihanna, though, so who cares?

  2. Taylor Swift
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    While I understand Taylor Swift's desire to highlight her insanely long legs and the fact that she, unlike most of us, probably doesn't have to pick up any bags while traveling, that skirt would not be my first choice to fly in. Also, a croptop prevents you from eating upwards of 100 bags of mini Doritos, just sayin'.

  3. Miley Cyrus
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    OK, I know Miley's placement may be controversial because, yes, onesies are very comfortable. Having to completely disrobe to go to the bathroom, though? Not very comfortable. Having to do it in a plane bathroom? Definitely not comfortable.

  4. Ariana Grande
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    While Ariana is wearing a fuzzy onesie like Miley, she pairs it with heels instead of slides, which are annoying to take off—and put back on—at security.

  5. Selena Gomez
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    There is simply no denying Selena looks incredible—it's just, like, would you want to sit in those high-waisted pants for more than five minutes?

  6. Paris Hilton
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    Paris Hilton's maxi dress is not the issue with this outfit—it's all her accessories. Hopefully she arrived three hours prior to her flight, per TSA's suggestion, to deal with all her bling.

  7. Mariah Carey
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    Traveling in a dress is hard enough, but make that dress short and tight and it's nearly impossible. Of course, Mariah Carey appears to have no problem, even with a long leather jacket on. Oh, and she definitely held the security line up taking off those strappy sandals.

  8. Kesha
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    While Kesha probably didn't pack this jacket due to baggage weight restrictions—I feel you, girl—traveling in studs is no easy feat. You can't sit comfortably in that jacket. Sure, it looks badass, but if a jacket can't be turned into a pillow on a plane, what is the point?

  9. Kendall Jenner
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    Planes are so, so cold—while this outfit looks fire, it definitely won't be providing Kendall any warmth as she sits, idle, in a plane seat.

  10. Kim Kardashian
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    Kim Kardashian is, undoubtedly, a cleaner person than I am, but traveling in all white just seems...dangerous. That's a lot of white fabric to keep track of and keep clean—here's hoping no one dropped a single peanut M&M on her seat before she got comfortable.

  11. Lady Gaga
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    Topping the list is, of course, Lady Gaga. This outfit is, perhaps, the most insane thing anyone has ever traveled in—it's a sheer jumpsuit covered in rhinestones. Then, there are those shoes. IDK what going through security in that outfit is like, but I imagine it is not easy. You're a braver woman than I, Lady Gaga. Keep doin' you.