Here's The Kanye West Moment You Totally Missed In Last Night's 'Empire'

Here's how Ye inspired this memorable "Empire" scene.

Tiana made quite an entrance in the most recent episode of "Empire," but did you catch the Yeezy connection?

During her fiery performance of her new (soon-to-be hit) song, "Get No Better 2.0," you may have noticed that Tiana was rocking a sexier look. (It's Tiana 2.0, after all.) According to Serayah McNeill, the outfit in question -- a crop top, an itsy bitsy thong and a nude, sheer body suit -- was totally inspired by Kanye West's Yeezy Season 1.

"Paolo [Nieddu], our wardrobe stylist on set, showed me a runway look from Kanye's Adidas line last season, Yeezy Season 1, and I thought it looked so cool," Serayah told MTV News. "We like to tie in moments that are actually happening in pop culture, so I thought it was really awesome that we did that."

Of course, wearing the revealing outfit on set was another story. "That outfit was insane on set," she said. "I had a robe, don't worry. But I actually did have on something. It was so sheer, it looked like nothing. Of course Tiana wears nothing."

But at least they were comfy! Ye knows people just want to wear yoga pants and leggings and sweatshirts all day, errday -- and he's just giving the people what they want in his own, unique Kanye way.