Gasp! Lea Michele's Neck Brace Returns On 'Scream Queens' -- With A Major Change

Sorry, Kappas. Hester's neck brace is officially Chanel No. 7.

In the most recent episode of "Scream Queens," Lea Michele's character Hester was given the full Chanel treatment, ditching the neck brace and completely transforming into Chanel No. 6 -- complete with smokey eyes, sparkly shoes and muscle atrophy.

But Hester wasn't the only one who underwent a major transformation with a little help from her fairy godmommy Chanel numero uno (Emma Roberts) -- her neck brace has also been updated to fit her new fab lifestyle. And it's super shiny!

On Wednesday, "Scream Queens" co-creator Ryan Murphy posted a photo of Michele and Roberts, in character, hanging out on set. "Bedazzled Hester and Feathered Friend Chanel," he tweeted with the amazing photo.

What could the return of Hester's neck brace mean for her sudden popularity? We're not sure Hester's potential new beau Chad is gonna want to bone a girl in a neck brace, no matter how bedazzled it is. (Because he's a d--k.)

Then again, Chanel No. 6 and her "mommy" Chanel No. 1 look pretty tight in this photo, so our theory about Hester rising in the Chanel ranks still stands, regardless of muscle atrophy.