23 Times Josh Hutcherson Made Jennifer Lawrence's Silly Faces Look Like Child's Play

Happy birthday, you goofy goober.

Of all the "The Hunger Games" cast members, J Law probably gets the most cred for her silly faces. Still, her co-stars are also pretty good at getting in on the funny face game, and one in particular, birthday boy Josh Hutcherson, has come pretty close to beating out his famous friend.

In honor of J Hutch's 23rd birthday, here are 23 times when his silly faces rivaled even Jennifer Lawrence's.

  1. When he did awesome finger guns.
  2. When he just couldn't handle it.
  3. When he showed some teeth for the camera.
  4. When he partied on, dudes.
  5. When he couldn't keep his tongue in his mouth.
  6. When he rocked a mullet.
  7. When he was like, come here.
  8. When he was celebrating.
  9. And when he was celebrating again.
  10. And again.
  11. When he was shocked.
  12. When he was like, go away Vanessa Hudgens.
  13. When he was screaming.
  14. When he gave a high five.
  15. When he showed off his dance moves.
  16. When he played some ball.
  17. When he got slimed.
  18. When he was all high school.
  19. When he was wowed by the sight of the Capital.
  20. When he had club swag.
  21. When he excitedly stuck his tongue out.
  22. When he confused even the queen herself.
  23. And the one time they all made funny faces together.

    Aka heaven in a GIF.