16 Celebs You Totally Forgot Were On 'American Horror Story'

Spoilers: Most of their characters died.

On Oct. 7, we will officially get to check into Hotel Cortez, and meet all its creepy and shady residents. Lady Gaga, who plays hotel owner The Countess, recently said, "I can't wait for you to check into my hotel." We can't wait either, TBH.

But as we gear up for what's sure to be another gruesome and bloody season of "American Horror Story," we decided to take a look back at several celebs who were guest stars during the show's first four seasons.

  1. Eric Stonestreet, "Murder House"

    The "Modern Family" star played Derek in the creepy episode "Piggy Piggy." Derek was petrified of the urban legend of Piggy Man, and honestly, who wouldn't be?!

  2. Mena Suvari, "Murder House"

    The "American Pie" actress portrayed real-life murder victim Elizabeth Short, aka "The Black Dahlia." As to be expected, Short's stay at Murder House didn't end very well.

  3. Brando Eaton, "Murder House"

    You might recognize Eaton as Vince Blake from "Zoey 101," as well as from several other projects. He played Kyle Greenwell, a high schooler who was murdered by Tate (Evan Peters) during a school shooting.

  4. Ben Woolf, "Murder House"

    Although Woolf was better known for playing Meep in "Freakshow," he did play Thaddeus Montgomery (aka the Infantata) in two episodes of "Murder House." In case you forgot, Thaddeus was brought back to life – sorta – after being mutilated.

  5. Morris Chestnut, "Murder House"

    The "Best Man Holiday" and "Like Mike" actor played security guard Luke, who was hired to protect the Harmon family home. There was some sexual attraction between Luke and Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton), which obviously pissed off husband Ben (Dylan McDermott).

  6. Adam Levine, "Asylum"

    The Maroon 5 frontman played Leo Morrison, a man who explored the decrepit Briarcliff Manor with his wife. After gettin' busy in the asylum, both he and his wife were murdered by Bloody Face. Bummer.

  7. Channing Tatum's wife played Teresa, Adam Levine's newlywed. As mentioned, she was slaughtered by Bloody Face along with her husband — and on their honeymoon.

  8. Clea DuVall, "Asylum"

    DuVall played Wendy Peyser, the closeted lesbian lover of Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson). Wendy ended up betraying Lana, falsely claiming Winters was mentally ill. Soon after, she was murdered by Bloody Face, who removed her teeth and added them to his mask.

  9. Ian McShane, "Asylum"

    If anyone could make you believe Krampus was real, it's definitely McShane. He played Leigh Emerson, a man who dressed up as Santa Claus and killed a bunch of people. He became an inmate at Briarcliff, but eventually managed to escape.

  10. Winningham actually played two different roles on "AHS," Alicia Spencer in "Coven" and Rita Gayheart in "Freakshow." The former was a mother who had an incestuous relationship with her son (Evan Peters). The latter was Pepper's (Naomi Grossman) sister who helped wrongly commit Pepper to Briarcliff.

  11. Stevie Nicks, "Coven"

    The singer played herself, but her character also went by the title "The White Witch." She performed a couple of songs, much to the excitement of fellow witch Misty Day (Lily Rabe).

  12. Matt Bomer, "Freak Show"

    Although Bomer will be on "Hotel," he guest-starred on one episode of "Freak Show" as Andy, a gay prostitute. Dandy (Finn Wittrock) eventually murdered Andy after luring him into Twisty the Clown's (John Carroll Lynch) bus.

  13. Malcolm-Jamal Warner, "Freak Show"

    "The Cosby Show" alum played Angus T. Jefferson, Desiree's (Angela Bassett) secret lover. Angus and Desiree actually managed to have a decent life — they survived Dandy's rampage, for starters. They married and had their own family.

  14. Patti LaBelle, "Freak Show"

    The famous singer played Dandy and Gloria's (Frances Conroy) maid Dora Brown. She was murdered by Dandy, naturally.

  15. Neil Patrick Harris, "Freak Show"

    The "How I Met Your Mother" star played Chester Creb, a gifted magician and ventriloquist. He had actual conversations with his dummy Marjorie, and frankly, made us feel all kinds of uncomfortable. He sawed Maggie (Emma Roberts) in half during his magic trick, and it was eventually revealed Chester murdered his late wife.

  16. David Burtka, "Freak Show"

    Burtka, Neil Patrick Harris' husband, appeared in the last episode of "Freak Show" as Michael Beck, the Junior Vice President of Casting. He eventually married Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange), who wasn't shy about dominating her husband in the bedroom.