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Taylor Swift And Nelly: A GIF Story Of Their Unlikely (But Cool) Friendship

And learn how to dance like Taylor to Nelly's bangers.

Nelly's not in the "Bad Blood" super squad, but that doesn't mean he and Taylor Swift aren't friends.

In fact, the "Nellyville" star joined T-Swizzle onstage yesterday for a performance of "Hot In Herre" and "The Fix." Not only was that a dope collab (that also featured Haim), but it was also just the latest instance of the unlikely duo's onstage bonding.

Back in 2013, for example, they teamed up for “Hey Porsche” and before that, in 2011, they joined forces for “Just A Dream.” So we put together a few GIFS of Taylor onstage with Nelly to show how their friendship has consistently given us some new Swift moves to enjoy.


  1. The 'Hot In Herre' Fanning Move
    Taylor Swift/Twitter
  2. The 'I Feel Like Touching You' Move
    Taylor Swift/Twitter
  3. The 'Baby Girl, What's The Use' Move
    Taylor Swift/Twitter
  4. The 'Little Bit Of Uh, Uh' Move
    Taylor Swift/Twitter
  5. The 'What?' Move
    Taylor Swift/Twitter
  6. The 'Oh!' Move
    Taylor Swift/Twitter
  7. The 'I Think My Butt Gettin' Big' Move
    Taylor Swift/Twitter
  8. The Awkward But Sweet High Five Move
  9. And The Love Move

Just add this to the long list of Taylor Swift's greatest hip-hop moments.