'Empire': Hakeem Is 'Looking For The Next Beyoncé' -- Will He Find Her?

Bryshere "Yazz" Gray tells MTV News what's next for Hakeem.

The family dynamics on "Empire" are constantly shifting. Take Hakeem and Cookie as an example. Last season, Hakeem resented his mother. He wanted nothing to do with her. One fierce crack of a broomstick later, and Hakeem and Cookie found a way to repair their fractured relationship. In season 2, Hakeem and Cookie are teaming up to build their own empire -- or should we say dynasty?

Tonight's episode ("Without a Country") of "Empire" will find Cookie, Hakeem and Andre starting their own company in the wake of their major hostile takeover fail.

"Hakeem is starting to love his mom, which makes me very happy because I love my mom," Bryshere "Yazz" Gray told MTV News. "He's growing older. He's more mature, more confident and as a result, his music is getting more serious."


But music isn't 'Keem's only priority anymore. This season, the young talent will strive to be "so much more than a rapper." He doesn't just want to take control his father's empire; he wants to build his own. First step toward worldwide domination? Assembling the industry's "new Destiny's Child."

"Hakeem is doing his own thing, venturing off and working with his mother," Gray said. "This season, Hakeem is managing Tiana with Cookie. He's forming a girl group, and Tiana is a good friend of his, so she's helping him out."


However, don't think Hakeem is losing focus on what made his Empire Entertainment's no. 1 artist. He'll be recording new music with Cookie under their new label... eventually.

"Hakeem doesn't get along with Cookie in the studio, so it's very intense whenever they're in the studio together," Gray teased. "Cookie will boss him around and Hakeem will be like, 'No mom. I'm not doing anything!' Then they fight, and then they make up -- and they make a good hit."