Chuck Hodes/FOX

'Snitch B--ch' From 'Empire' Is Totally The New 'Drip Drop'

Clyde told me!

Sorry Hakeem, but did you think you were the only Lyon in town who could spit a fire track with a name so silly it shouldn't work, but it totally does anyway? Because "Snitch B--ch" is here to put "Drip Drop" to shame, and Lucious (Terrence Howard) didn't even have state-of-the-art Empire Entertainment recording equipment by his side to help produce that oh-so-Lyon sound -- because he dropped it from prison, Keem. Get your sh-t together.

Anyway, Wednesday night's (September 30) "Empire" finally gave Howard's character a chance to shine with a Top 40-level single of his own, and with a name like "Snitch B--ch," a great hook, and some assistance from Petey Pablo (the song's oft-mentioned "Clyde"), we'd put money on this one climbing to the top of iTunes both IRL and on the show.

Check it out for yourself below, because we (and Clyde) told you to. Oh, and since Lucious is officially headed back home, here's to hoping for a "Snitch B--ch" duet with Jamal to make the whole thing just that much better:

So, whose side are you on -- Team "Drip Drop?"

OR Team "Snitch B--ch?"

It seems like the answer is pretty clear... b--ch.