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R.L. Stine Just Answered All Of Your Lingering 'Goosebumps' Questions


R.L. Stine just dropped not one but two new books on Tuesday (Sept. 29) -- the bajillionth "Goosebumps" installment called "Night of the Puppet People" and a new "Fear Street" novel called "The Lost Girl."

Yeah, he's been making it rain pages for two and a half decades now, and he isn't planning on stopping any time soon.

And with the "Goosebumps" movie coming along to energize the slimy scares franchise that kept you up at night chilled to the bone for so many years, things are getting extra creeptastic around town -- and we love it.

To celebrate all the "Goosebumps"-ness of now, R.L. Stine hit Twitter for a quick Q&A to answer those burning questions all his never-grown-up fans have been harboring for generations.

  1. First of all, yes he likes the movie.

    He also thinks that Jack Black is "a very sinister" version of himself and that's just "terrific."

  2. ... But there's one monster he misses in the movie.

    But with Slappy running the show, it just didn't make sense, we s'pose.

  3. He's one of those writers who comes with titles first.

    And also he's totally mastered the "scary/funny formula" at this point. Laugh! Gasp!

  4. His favorite villain is ... kinda surprising actually.

    The olfactory sense is strong with this one. Which actually makes a lot of sense come to think of it.

  5. Here's the "Goosebumps" monster mash-up you're most likely to get.

    Jot this down for the sequel!

  6. He started writing when he was nine. NINE.

    What have YOU done with your life?

  7. He can tap out an entire "Goosebumps" novel in less than a month.

    He puts everyone else to shame except maybe Stephen King -- and yes, he admires him too because of course.

  8. His motivation for creepy tales is just as sinister as you'd expect.


  9. He's also quite prepared for NASA's newest discovery.

    That's why his alien installments are so informed.

  10. He kept at least one major movie prop (and it's weird AF).


  11. He's got the strangest diet ever.


  12. SERIOUSLY weird eater, this one.

    What? No. Nope nope nope.

  13. And he still has yet to be afraid of his own stuff.

    He has been known to fear basements at night, however.

  14. And the most pressing matter of all .... we now know exactly what R.L. stands for. And it's not "Real Loon" as previously expected.