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This Violinist Gives A Whole New Spin To Fetty Wap And Taylor Swift Hits

He just dropped a Fetty medley.

Certain perks come with having your hits all over the radio. Fans buy your single. They come out to your shows. They sing the words. They shower you with love and adulation.

And, if you're lucky, they cover your songs on the violin.

That's exactly what one talented musician, Brian King Joseph, did with Fetty Wap's string of hits. In a new video, the violinist mashes up the New Jersey rapper's "Again," "RGF Island, "679," "My Way" and "Trap Queen" and the result is...well...enjoy.

My favorite part about this is probably how much fun Brian is having. Dude can't stop smiling and rolling around on the ground playing the violin -- and who can blame him (at least for the first part)?

This isn't the first time Brian's covered hits with his own twist. Actually, it's not even the first time he's covered Fetty. He does an impressive "679" by itself, too, this time backed by a track.

He's got plenty beyond Fetty, too. He gave The Weeknd's "I Can't Feel My Face" the violin treatment.

And he even covered Taylor Swift's "Blank Space."

Hopefully, Fetty sees what Brian's doing and can use it as a bit of a boost as he recovers from his recent motorcycle accident.