Emma Stone As 'Spider-Gwen' Will Have You Petitioning Marvel In No Time

This mash-up vid proves it could sooo work.

If you haven't heard of "Spider-Gwen" before now, here's a key primer: It's basically the thing that's going to have your fist uncontrollably pumping in about five minutes.

You remember Gwen Stacy, right?

She was the cute, smart and ultra charming love interest character played by Emma Stone in both installments of "The Amazing Spider-Man" series? Yeah, you remember. So you know that she was great and all... but the thing is, even though Emma Stone gave Gwen Stacy some of her signature cinematic panache, she was still decidedly the distressed damsel of the day and not the superhero.

Which is kind of a bummer if you're one of those people that believes girls can save the world, too (just ask SpiderMable).

A new spin-off comic series, launched in February of this year, decided to give the character a turn at being the rescuer instead of the rescuee, and the results are pretty much just glorious. In fact, the series has become such a hit that the alternative reality take on the "Spider"-world found herself atop all of the other Marvel-ous men and women earlier this summer. Pretty BFD stuff in comic world.

Even Emma Stone herself had to give some love to the series that would ramp up the levels of awesome in her former franchise if it'd been around first. But alas, timing is everything.

However, that doesn't mean we can't know what an Emma Stone "Spider-Gwen" might look like. See, Vulture ran with the "Spider-Gwen" potential by cutting "Spider-Man" footage with clever bits of "Birdman," and well, you're not gonna want to miss this ~girl power~ extravaganza.

Clad in her pink and white Spidey suit, Gwen's charged with protecting the town from the big, bad Birdman.

Only, she's got some parental interference problems to grapple with too.

But she's fierce AF, and she can handle the chirping villain of the day without even busting a sweat.

Take it away, Em.