7 Times 'Empire' Star Bryshere 'Yazz' Gray's Game Was Too Strong

Move over, Jamal! Another Lyon bro is tweeting his way into our hearts.

Jamal Lyon may be known as the suave brother on "Empire," but it's Bryshere "Yazz" Gray (Hakeem) who earns that title IRL.

The 21-year-old uses his social media accounts to spread love and positivity to his followers, a trait that would no doubt make Cookie v proud of her young Lyon. From daily encouragement to random reminders, Yazz's you-can-do-it attitude is one of a kind. Also, homeboy has got serious game when it comes to talking to the ladies. (Hakeem, are you taking notes?)

Prepare to swoon because we've rounded up some of the actor's most inspirational messages for a little much-needed motivation:

  1. When he told us to never give up.
  2. When he made us swoon with this bit of inspo.
  3. When he cared about our happiness.
  4. When he was all like, "Carpe diem!"
  5. When he was totally thinking about you.
  6. When he acknowledged that we were all QUEENS. Bow down.
  7. When he encouraged us to live our dreams.

Yeah, we're totally feeling it right now.