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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Really Wants To Do A Movie Musical With Channing Tatum

How can we make this dream a reality?

There are certain things that are almost universally acknowledged as great ideas: world peace, for example. Pumpkin-flavored anything. A movie musical co-starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum.

If Gordon-Levitt has his way, the last will someday become a reality.

At a press day in support of his upcoming film "The Walk," Gordon-Levitt told MTV News that while that long-rumored "Guys and Dolls" movie starring the duo will "probably not" happen, he does still want to make a movie musical happen with the "Magic Mike" star.

And so do we, of course.

"Chan and I have talked about wanting to do a musical," Godron-Levitt said. "For years, we've talked about doing that. Hopefully one day we get off of our collective asses and do it."

Here's how we feel about this idea, as illustrated by the duo themselves:

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Maybe it's time for a musicalization of the "Magic Mike" movies? Or how about a reboot of "How to Succeed In Business (Without Really Trying)"? We'd totally watch that.

And how about Gordon-Levitt? What does he think their eventual project would be?

"It would be brilliant," he answered coyly.

Totally agree.

"The Walk" hits theaters September 30.