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Fetty Wap Assures Fans That He's Doing Well After Motorcycle Crash

We hear from Fetty for the first time.

Fetty Wap is on the mend, and he wants to thank fans for their positive thoughts and support.

On Saturday, the New Jersey native crashed while riding a motorcycle in his hometown of Paterson, and sustained injuries that sent him to the hospital.

Almost immediately -- when rumors and unsubstantiated photos about the crash began to circulate online, and before Fetty's DJ posted a picture of him in the hospital and said he was alright -- fans got the hashtag #PrayForFetty as a top trend on Facebook and Twitter.

The rap star took notice, and relayed his gratitude in an Instagram video on Sunday. "Appreciate Ya so much for the prayers ... they told me don't make a video but I'm still breathing so I gotta let ya no I'll be back ???," he wrote.

"Appreciate all my fans for praying for me, man," he says in the video. "Had a little accident, but I'm straight. I broke my leg in three places, but I'm gonna be aight. I really appreciate y'all, for real, though."

It's a relief for fans to hear that he's doing OK, especially after the pictures that initially surfaced showed what looked to be a scary sight.

Later in the day on Saturday, though, DJ Louie Styles posted a picture of Fetty in a hospital bed, with a caption letting the public know that he was alright.

Beyond the recovery time he'll need to bounce back from his injuries, though, the "679" rapper may be facing more trouble. According to Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale, he was cited for driving without a license, not having insurance and failing to produce a vehicle registration card.

Fetty's self-titled debut album hit stores on Friday, just a day before the crash.