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Watch Kel Mitchell Flawlessly Sing The 'Kenan & Kel' Theme Song Like A Boss

Apologies for getting this tune stuck in your head all day.

This week has been full of awesome Nickelodeon throwback news. For starters, The Splat finally announced its October lineup, revealing which vintage Nick shows it's bringing back first. Then, '90s kids could be heard screaming like banshees after seeing Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reunite on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday. (FYI, we're still screaming.)

But wait, it gets better! Kel performed the entire "Kenan & Kel" theme song — and still knew all the words by heart.

To refresh your memory, the theme song was originally sung by Coolio, and it was the pinnacle of '90s jams. Here are a couple of pics from the video's shoot, taken way back in June 1996. (If you didn't feel old yet, now you do.)

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic, Inc
Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic, Inc

Almost 20 years later, Kel straight-up slayed the tune -- he doesn't even trip up once! Watch below and see how well YOU remember the lyrics!