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Sigourney Weaver, Queen Of The Supernatural, Is Returning To 'Ghostbusters'

But will the tub of goo come too?

Jamie Lee Curtis might be the dean of all the scream queens -- both on the show and IRL -- but Sigourney Weaver is most definitely the reigning queen of all things supernatural.

See, Sigourney's grappled with aliens, pseudo-imaginary monsters, other aliens, a panel of death-hungry gods of destruction, even more aliens, and also ancient ghosts who turned her bathtub into a vat of primordial goo and wanted to use her infant son as a vessel for resurrection a la "Ghostbsuters" and "Ghostbusters II."

But, lo, she's not done yet. Now it looks like she's going to be chipping in for the new generation's spirit-trapping squad because according to director Paul Feig, she has officially joined the cast of his "Ghostbusters" reboot.

"Gang, trying to keep surprises but this is about to leak, so I'll tell you myself: the awesome Sigourney Weaver is going to be in our movie!" he wrote on Twitter Friday (Sept. 25).

Though Feig didn't specify how large of a role Weaver would have in his pic, we suspect it might be a cameo role kinda like what she did there at at the end of "Cabin In the Woods" -- though perhaps not quite as meta.

Weaver portrayed cellist Dana Barrett in the first and second installments, and she joins a growing list of the originals who'll be cameo-ing in the new pic, including Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Annie Potts.