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The 17 Sickest 'Daily Show' Burns Of All Time

Sass for days.

One of the great things about "The Daily Show" is that its hosts and correspondents have never been afraid to call out ideas which are... how do we put this?... dumb and bad.

And best of all, when these callouts take place, it's with all the subtle elegance of a sledgehammer crushing a watermelon. So, in advance of Trevor Noah's imminent ascendancy to "The Daily Show" throne on September 28, we've rounded up a collection of the finest, sickest burns to take place in the history of the show. Our new host is going to have to bring it if he's going to top his predecessors' scathing observations...

  1. About how weird it is when you get backlash for anti-gay rhetoric.
  2. About Etsy.
  3. About gun control versus drug control.
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  4. About Larry Wilmore's dream...

    "That the actions of a few sh**ty white people will be seen as discrediting their entire race."

  5. About certain political parties in Texas.
  6. About where Sarah Palin comes from.
  7. About the ramifications of a Ted Cruz presidential run.
  8. About why certain people are so opposed to marriage equality.
  9. About climate change deniers.
  10. About invoking Jesus to support your arguments.
  11. About democracy.
  12. About profiling Wall Street.
  13. About stand your ground laws.
  14. About Russia.
  15. About Mitt Romney's failed presidential run.
  16. About Donald Trump's birth name.
  17. And finally, the burning-est burn in the history of burns: The final verdict on Chicago's signature style of pizza.