The Hulk And Black Widow Are Both In NYC Right Now And Should Hang Out

Let's get some real life Brucetasha pics, please.

Many of us came out of the last big Marvel team-up movie, "Avengers: Age Of Ultron," feeling pretty emotionally wrecked. (No more Quicksilver! Everyone's mad at Tony!) But one of the biggest aspects of the movie to stomp on our hearts and leave 'em there was the romance between Natasha Romanoff and Dr. Bruce Banner, who didn't even get the time to work out their feelings before robots tried to blow up the world by dropping an Eastern European country on it. Bummer.

But hey, would it please you to know that both of the actors who play these beloved Ultron-crossed lovers are currently inhabiting the same island? Yes? Well good, because both Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson are totally in New York City right now.

We know Mark Ruffalo's definitely here today (September 23), because he's been posting pictures to his Instagram of our delightful subway system in action.

And we also know that Johansson is in the general vicinity as well, as she was spotted getting out of a car (definitely the better choice, ScarJo -- the subway is actually not that delightful) in Midtown Manhattan around the same time.

Michael Stewart/GC Images

So, odds are very likely that they're both in town for unrelated reasons and aren't actually going to hang out (and they definitely aren't romantically involved IRL, as they're both married with kids). But what if dreams came true and they were planning a post-"Avengers" chill out sesh? They could:

  • Listen to Beats by Dre together.
  • Help repair the city since they kinda wrecked it that one time.

    Well, mostly the Hulk and a bunch of aliens did, but Nat helped.

  • Vent to each other about not getting their own solo-led movies.

    "Hey girl, at least you're in 'Civil War.'"

  • Gossip about Chris Evans' mesh trapezoid.
  • Recreate the Science Bros fist bump.

    But better, because of Black Widow. And also less destroying South Africa.