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Big Boi Let These Lucky Aspiring MCs Record In OutKast's Studio

With the help of Converse.

Being at Stankonia just gives you a special feeling.

I know this because I was there last week, soaking in all the history, glory and soul that the studio -- which Outkast bought a decade-and-a-half ago and have been recording in for longer than that -- had to offer.

But the space must have held even more weight for Gemini, a Georgia-based duo who won a chance to record in the same place that Big Boi and Andre 3000 made all of their classics and hits. That chance came thanks to Converse Rubber Tracks, who set up emerging artists from all over in legendary studios around the world for a rare opportunity.

"Converse Rubber Tracks is our way of giving back to the music community, especially emerging artists, by providing free recording time to artists in state-of-the art studios throughout the world wit no strings attached. Artists own all the rights to that music," Jed Lewis, Director of Music Marketing with Converse, told MTV News.

Big Boi, meanwhile, surprised the duo while they were in the booth in the late afternoon -- they had been there since morning and he showed up, unbeknownst to them. From there, they got to continue working and meet one of the game's greats.

"Stankonia is the place where all the funky things come from," Big said. "So, to be able to open the doors to up and coming artists and show them, these are the spots where 'Ms. Jackson,' you right there in the booth where we recorded the verses for 'Bombs Over Baghdad' -- suck up some of that energy."