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This Jonas Brothers Moment Is Something Joe Jonas Will Never Live Down

That's pretty embarrassing.

It's safe to assume that everyone has at least one cringe-worthy moment in their lives that makes them shudder in embarrassment whenever they think about it.

Or maybe a time when they couldn't contain their emotions and created their own private pool of tears. Hey, we've all been there, and guess what? So have your favorite celebrities. It's true -- they really are "just like us."

We recently hit up the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas and decided to test your favorite artists with a friendly card game, one we like to call "Playing Card Poison."

Nick and Joe Jonas, Big Sean, Tori Kelly and many more were given a handful of cards, and on the back of each one was a random question -- When's the last time you had a good cry? What's that one moment you'll never live down? What's your best hangover food? -- that they had to answer truthfully.

Each celeb chose one card, and how they responded might surprise you. Check out the video to hear about the time Joe Jonas fell face first onstage, which celebrity Big Sean would choose to be his BFF, and what goes through Fall Out Boy's minds when they hit the stage.