Waterproof Weaves Required: Todrick Hall Teams Up With YouTube Sensations For 'Titanic' Spoof

'Titaniqua' features none other than Jenna Marbles, GloZell, Shanna Malcolm and Dexter!

Question: What do you get when Todrick Hall collaborates with Jenna Marbles, GloZell, Shanna Malcolm and Dexter -- aka YouTube's biggest stars?

Answer: "Titaniqua," the most LOL-worthy "Titanic" trailer spoof the Internet has ever seen.

In the latest episode of "Todrick," the MTV quadruple-threat and his pals recreated iconic scenes from the 1997 Oscar-winning blockbuster that starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. From Rose's nude painting to the iconic "I'm the king of the world" scene, Todrick puts a hilarious spin on each of the film's best-known moments. Seriously, where else can you find GloZell handing out "waterproof weaves" as the ship goes down?

Watch Toddy, Jenna, Glozell, Shanna and Dexter in the "Titaniqua" clip, below, and feel free to buy the song on iTunes here. Then catch the next episode of "Todrick" airing Monday, October 5 at 10:30/9:30c!

Bonus clip: Get all the frozen-esque glam looks from "Titaniqua" straight from Todrick's personal makeup artist Nicole!