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Taylor Swift Did Splits With Todrick Hall, And It Was Magical

The two took their friendship to a whole new level.

Todrick Hall met up with the one and only Taylor Swift to cement their new friendship -- with a pair of splits!

The viral hit-maker, who stars in MTV’s "Todrick," had already received lots of Twitter praise from Swift after she saw his epic mash-up video of her greatest hits. But the lovefest continued last night, when the "Wildest Dreams" singer invited her new favorite YouTube sensation to the Missouri stop of her 1989 World Tour. Naturally, Toddy was "Soooooooo excited" to accept her offer.

Backstage, the pair met up on the world's luckiest couch, presumably to swap tips on perfect poses and how to be utterly fabulous.

And not only can both of the stars sing, dance, act and write music -- they can each also bust out an insane split. Guess that makes them not just triple or quadruple...but QUINTUPLE threats!

Can this budding friendship romance pleeeeeeeease bless us with a musical collaboration? Don't tease us like this, guys!

Before heading out, Todrick even "auditioned" the 25-year-old headliner to be the star of his voicemail message -- and posted the hilarious exchange on Instagram. In the caption, he asks, "Should I cast her? Or nah?" Check out the video for yourself -- but we have a feeling she got the gig:

What do you think of Todrick and Taylor's lovefest? And if you ever got the chance, how would you want to spend a night with your favorite superstar? Tell us in the comments, and don’t you dare miss “Todrick” every Monday night at 10:30/9:30c!