11 Trevor Noah GIFs That Will Make You Stoked For His Daily Show Takeover

We're ready. He's ready. EVERYONE IS READY.

It was only last month that we said an emotional goodbye #JonVoyage to beloved "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, sending him into oblivion (or at least, retirement from the "Daily Show" desk) on a tide of bittersweet tears.

But now, it's time to stop ugly sobbing (seriously, stop it, it's uncouth), and start getting stoked for the dawn of a new era -- when, on September 28, Trevor Noah steps in as the new host of your favorite news hour.

To help you get the excitement flowing, we've rounded up nine portentous GIFs that show off Noah's personal brand of charm. How do we know he'll be great behind the desk? Let us count the ways.

  1. He's already got his pithy expression of disgust down, y'all.
  2. He's great at deadpan humor... and hoodies.
  3. He can reduce complex geopolitical issues down to a perfect one-liner.
  4. He has feelings about America.
  5. Making fun of ignorant people? Yeah, he's good at that.
  6. He's not afraid to get emotional.
  7. Yes, there will be cheesy jokes.
  8. And we predict that Trevor Noah will eventually eclipse Jon Stewart when it comes to great reaction gifs.
  9. Plus, he looks great behind that desk.
  10. And even better behind that title text.
  11. He's so ready, you guys. AND HE KNOWS IT.