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Don’t Worry, Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Get ‘On Fleek’ Either

But he IS ready to be your socialist bae.

Bernie Sanders already won our vote for most swoon-worthy candidate, but he burrowed even further into our hearts on Monday night's "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore." Sanders and Wilmore had a regular Bro's Night Out (BNO), during which they chowed down on soul food and talked about socialism (which is what I imagine all BNOs are like).

The interview started off with Wilmore asking Sanders if he thinks the U.S. is ready for the first socialist president, to which Sanders responded, "Yeah, I do, I do ... I think once we understand what 'democratic socialism' means."

Deep, Bern. Deep.

There were plenty juicy intellectual discussions, but Wilmore couldn't resist the opportunity to ask the Vermont senator to do a "Weekend at Bernie's" moment.

Then he gave Sanders a hat that trumps Trump's.

When the two got to talking about the intersection of race and criminal justice reform, Wilmore suggested the 74-year-old should incorporate "on fleek" into his rhetoric, going so far as to suggest the specific phrasing: "My plans for criminal justice reform -- and to help to help the black community -- are on fleek."

Sanders was confused.

Yeah, Bernie Sanders is officially all of us.

You can check out the full interview here.