23 Times Empire Records Taught You It's Cool To Be Weird

Damn the man. Save the Empire.

It's been exactly twenty years since "Empire Records," a quirky film about a bunch of misfit record store employees, was released into the world. Though the film starring burgeoning stars like Liv Tyler, Renee Zellweger, and Robin Tunney may have flopped at the box office — can you believe that it grossed less than $300,000?! — it remains a beloved cult classic.

"Empire Records" was special not just for its killer 90s soundtrack and seriously talented cast, but for its story about a bunch of weird kids (and Anthony LaPaglia) who accepted and loved each other despite their screw ups. Here are 23 times we really wanted to work at Empire Records when we grew up...

  1. That time Corey ran out of her house with a platter of cupcakes.

    Um, best carpool buddy ever?

  2. That time Mark danced with a broom.

    Is this not how you clean your work space?

  3. Every time Lucas ever said anything.

    This Puck-like teenager was wise (and weird) beyond his years.

  4. That time they celebrated Rex Manning Day.

    Say no more, mon amour.

  5. That time Corey prepared the coffee.

    Excuse me, was that one sugar or two?

  6. That time Lucas recognized that everyone was in trouble.

    And it was kind of true but they were in it together, so it was all OK.

  7. That time A.J. glued coins to the floor.

    And manager Joe was totally OK with it.

  8. That time Gina showed everyone what she thought of Music Town's clothing policy.

    "And they said no revealing clothing."

  9. That time Debra shaved her head.

    And smiled about it.

  10. That time they danced like no one was watching.

    And, somehow, that random shopper in the back isn't watching.

  11. That OTHER time they danced like no one was watching.

    p.s. That's Cage Wallace from "The 100" on the left. You're welcome.

  12. Guys, there is seriously so much great dancing in this movie.

    Move best undertaken whilst wearing a turtleneck.

  13. That time they offered a job to a shoplifter.

    "I don't feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren."

  14. That time A.J. practiced his love confession.

    Shall I compare thee to a hot bath?

  15. That time Corey got her point across.

    She's bringing Rex his lunch.

  16. That time Debra made everyone buttons.

    Does anyone ever actually sell records, CDs, or tapes at this place? Who cares.

  17. That time A.J. and Debra danced together.

    Is it sacrilegious to admit that I kind of wanted these two to end up together?

  18. That time Debra helped Corey recover from her meltdown.


  19. That time the gang threw Debra a funeral.

    Rather than ignore Debra's suicide attempt, her friends threw her a funeral to let her know how much they would miss her. And, you know, talk about their own issues, too.

  20. That time Corey and Gina appreciated one another's strengths.

    Guys, the female characters in this film get the best character arcs.

  21. That time Debra talked to God.

    Don't worry, guys. That gun just has blanks in it.

  22. That time Gina achieved her dreams.

    Sing in a band? Check.

  23. That time they all danced on the rooftop.

    What other way is there to end the workday?