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Tracy Morgan's Kid Was The Unintended Star Of The Emmys

Maven Sonae Morgan >>>>> everyone else.

World, meet Maven Sonae Morgan, two-year-old daughter to Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover, and surprise star of the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Maven joined her parents on the red carpet Sunday night (Sept. 20), providing some moral support to her dad as he made his big comeback into the TV scene after recovering from a gruesome auto accident last summer. And without even setting foot on the ground, she inadvertently stole the entire show.

Her surprise ownage of every heart within a five-mile radius deserves a piece-by-piece breakdown, so let's get to it.

  • First, there's the fact that she has the sassiest sideways smirk we've ever laid eyes on.
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    Seriously, someone could fill an entire book with the possible snarky things that she's thinking right here, and it would be a page-turner for REAL. This child is just begging to become the next epic meme.

  • And then there was the moment when she put her hands up like, "no questions, please."
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    She's already exhibiting some extreme diva behavior, and we get it. Anyone who can so flawlessly pull off a pair of cat shoes and crossbody purse deserves to be in charge.

  • Even Tracy had to give it up to his girls.
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    Meanwhile, little Maven was clearly giving her momma a talking to about that dress' open bodice and the concept of "less is more." SERIOUSLY with this kid.

  • Just look at how her little updo perfectly matches the fringe on her skirt.
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    Meanwhile, we CANNOT with that anklet. Ermagawddddd cuteness overload.

  • And then she proceeded to babysplain important things to the crowd.
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    Attention everyone: Maven is speaking now, thanks.

  • Plus, she inherited her dad's enthusiastic smile, and it's just the greatest.
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    We're basically expecting Maven to be Tracy's sidekick at every event because she amps up the room's cool factor automatically. More Maven, please!