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Here's Where Emilia Clarke Was While 'Game Of Thrones' Owned The Emmys

She's a working mom of three, guys.

The vast cast of "Game of Thrones" pretty much owned the Emmys last night, between slaying the red carpet and pillaging the trophy room to collect all the prizes. But there was one very important member of the Westeros squad who didn't make it out for TV's biggest night.

Yep, that'd be Emilia Clarke, a.k.a. Daenerys Targaryen herself. But she had good reason, of course, because you don't become the mother of dragons by being some social gathering slouch.

See, while Khaleesi was nominated for Best Supporting Actress this year (a prize that ultimately went to "Orange Is the New Black" star Uzo Aduba), she just couldn't make it to Los Angeles. Not because she's being held prisoner by the Dothraki -- at least, not IRL -- but because she's busy holding down the "GoT" Season 6 filming fort in Spain.

On Sunday night (Sept. 20), Clarke posted a picture of herself on Instagram looking confused and alone on a street with papers stretched out like a makeshift map. Her hashtag-heavy caption said it all: "I think I might be late for the Emmys... How far is it from Spain? #rollingwithoutmyhomies #workin'mother #wheresdrogonwhenyouneedhim #bringitonhomegot!"

"Game of Thrones" has been filming throughout Spain over the past few weeks, most recently in Navarre, where an extras casting call suggested some Dothraki scenes are being shot.

And, since last time we saw our dear Dany she was surrounded by an innumerable swarm of her former people, it makes sense that'd she'd still be with them -- whether in their care, custody or chattel bin, we can't quite know.