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You Won't Believe Who Could Have Played Rachel Green On 'Friends'

Ross' lobster could have looked a lot different.

Can you imagine "Friends" without Jennifer Aniston? It could have happened if this "30 Rock" star had landed the role.

Jane Krakowski hit the 2015 Emmys on Sunday and dropped a major pop culture bombshell: she auditioned for the part of Rachel Green on "Friends." Whoa. We need to take a seat in Rosita for a minute to contemplate all of our feelings about this.

On one hand, we can't imagine Ross Geller's lobster being anyone else but Aniston, but on the other, we freakin' LOVE Krakowski.

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"I, like almost every actor in the world, auditioned for 'Friends'" the "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" star told Giuliana Rancic on the E! red carpet. "I wish I had gotten that one... I actually auditioned for Rachel and didn't go very far."

Instead, the iconic role went to then-unknown Aniston -- who pioneered "The Rachel" -- while Krakowski went on to become an integral part of Tina Fey's comedy universe, landing her star-making role, Jenna Maroney, on NBC's "30 Rock."

The actress joked that her business manager was "very sad" that she didn't get the part, but you know what? Sometimes things have a funny way of working out just as the *~Universe~* intended them to.

That being said, Jenna would have KILLED IT as Rachel.