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A Bunch Of TeenNick Stars Got Together And Our Nickelodeon Hearts Can't Handle It

Reunions, reunions everywhere.

Winding down from the insane #WhatDidZoeySay event that exploded Friday, "Zoey 101" star Chris Massey (Michael) apparently wasn't too tired from digging up the time capsule to share an awesome video on Instagram, captioning it, ""Did someone say #nickelodeon??."

The video, which Massey uploaded on Saturday, features several generations of Nickelodeon stars — which you could also call the generations of Dan Schneider shows. We summed it up for you.

First Generation: Kel Mitchell from "All That" and "Kenan & Kel"

Second Generation: Sean Flynn & Massey from "Zoey 101" and Nathan Kress from "iCarly"

Third Generation: Jace Norman from "Henry Danger"

Technically, Kel also falls into the "Third Generation" category, since he's starring on Schneider's newest Nick show "Game Shakers." But, details, details.

Massey also shared this reunion pic on Saturday of himself with Flynn and Schneider, and it's definitely drippin'.

Thank you to all the #zoey101 fans that watched the #whatdidzoeysay episode that was released yesterday after #10years !!! @danwarp @seanflynnonline ? #trending

We're absolutely LOVING all the reunions lately. Keep it up, Nickelodeon!