14 Burning Questions We Have For 'Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials'

We must know. Now!

The big day is finally here! After sitting through a torturous 365-ish days of movies that did not star "Teen Wolf" heartthrob Dylan O'Brien, "Maze Runner" fans can finally get their fix with the second installment in the film series, "The Scorch Trials."

MTV News had a chance to screen the film -- which follows O'Brien's character Thomas and his friends as they go from The Maze to a zombie and desert storm-ridden stretch of land called The Scorch -- in advance, and while we had a total blast watching all of the fun and adventure, we do have some burning questions going into movie no. 3, "The Death Cure." Questions like...

  1. What will WCKD do to Minho, Aris, and Sonya?

    Since WCKD promised that Judas Teresa that they wouldn't hurt them, does that mean they actually won't hurt them? Or, when "Death Cure" picks up months after the events of "Scorch," will Minho and co. be tortured, Peeta Mellark-style?

  2. Why did WCKD name themselves WCKD?

    If you want people to trust you while you're doing your best to do nefarious things, why would you choose an acronym that gives you away as an evil organization? It's just something to think about, Ava Paige.

  3. When did Mary Cooper and Thomas meet?

    We're a bit confused regarding the timeline of Thomas' original WCKD betrayal, back when he was working with them. Mary Cooper said it was a "long time ago," but it seems like Thomas was sent to the Maze right after that happened... which was only a few weeks before the events of "Scorch?" Can someone explain this, please?

  4. How did the Gladers learn to fire guns?

    In "Maze Runner," the only ones with guns are WCKD. (And Gally at the end, but he got that thing from WCKD.) So, how did Winston and Thomas and co. learn to fire them like pros? Did WCKD give them weapons training before they had their memories wiped, and went to The Maze?

  5. Is WCKD really all that WCKD?

    Well, yes, their ways of achieving their end goal are undoubtedly pretty wicked. But since they're sacrificing the few for the benefit of the many -- can't the argument be made that they're just making the really tough, necessary decisions in the midst of impossibly impossible end-times?

  6. Why did WCKD do the Maze if what they needed was inside the Gladers all along?

    Okay, so here's the question that might render the above question irrelevant -- what if WCKD aren't evil, they're just like, you know, not that great at science? Because if they already have the basis for a cure for The Flare, which they do, shouldn't they work on trying to find ways to mass distribute this and alleviate the symptoms of Cranks, rather than figure out how teen brain patterns work in The Maze?

  7. Why weren't there more Cranks?

    If literally millions of people became Cranks, where did they all go towards the end of the movie? Did they just, like, not go to the mountains?

  8. Why won't WCKD just tell the kiddos what they're doing?

    It seems like a whole lot of this mess could have been figured out earlier if WCKD and the Gladers had actually stopped for a second and listened to each other. Like, the Gladers all seem like pretty nice people -- one would think they'd be happy to donate some of their blood/marrow/whatever to help WCKD produce more of the antidote that we already know exists in their blood.

  9. Which Gladers aren't immune to the Flare?

    This is going to kill us until next year.

  10. How much of the Earth is scorched?

    Was all of Planet Earth scorched by the solar flares? And if not, what does the rest of the Earth look like? Is it just normal, but with Cranks?

  11. What was the original mission of The Right Hand?

    Was it just "barge in and stop WCKD, whatever it takes" or was there more to it than that?

  12. What was that drink Alan Tudyk was handing out at the Crank party?

    And if so, can we have some?

  13. Why does Littlefinger talk like that?

    That accent, guys.

  14. What the heck, Teresa?